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Desc:Janice from vid=6677
Category:General Station
Tags:fat, mom, slingshot, Flowrider
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How gorgeous Alex Chiu is after taking gorgeouspil for 3 years. Age 38. Amazing!!!
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Binro the Heretic
Just stay on your belly and keep hold of that board, kid.
Well, say goodbye to your childhood.
Killer Joe
Well, at least he's of that proud, dying (maybe?) breed that rocks whitey tighties under a swimsuit.
Five for the attendant who was so vigilant in protecting his modesty.

that's what you get for being fat
janice i'm falling
janice i'm falling
janice i'm falling
this hurts
this hurts
this hurts
Lmao hes wearing underwear underneath bathing suit. He knew it would happen


- Josh Duggar
Josh Duggar only diddled little girls. That's why the Christian Right has been defending him, because at least it wasn't gay.

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