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Desc:Featuring the greatest engineering joke of all time
Category:Classic TV Clips, Stunts
Tags:Robot, new york, 30s, Worlds Fair, totally real
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Comment count is 12
Wow, 48 whole relays?! Amazing!
Oscar Wildcat
Great moments in bullshit demo history.
What's the joke?
That guy
He's fat and sassy.

Maggot Brain
He's going to have nasty robot-butt sex with that handsome human announcer.

The greatest thing to learn from history: we are that stupid now to future space humans.
Future space humans will view most of the stuff on the internet the way we view the Salem Witch Trials.

Mother Lumper
How optimistic of you to believe there will be future space humans. My money is on savage, terrestrial-bound aberrations.

Either that or Undifferentiated Tissue.

There's an outside chance that humans will blow themselves up so bad some of them end up in space...

A lot of old technology is pretty neat. People accomplish a lot with very little and that's admirable indeed.

Also, meet Electro's canine companion...

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