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Desc:How dare people have different opinions about something
Category:Business, Stunts
Tags:rant, butthurt, IMDB, 03bgood, Tommorowland
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Boomer The Dog
Super compression.

Personally I see that IMDB is chock full of glowing reviews about the Oscar-worthiness of every small film, possibly done by those involved with the movie.

I can't prove it, but invariably they only have one review in their history.

That guy
The thing is, IMDb is full of shitty user reviews.

There's a whole world of people who can only rate a movie a 1 or 10, based solely on whether it gave them jollies or not.
That's how I rate videos here.

That guy

Mouth-breathing, adolescent philistines will somehow watch excellent movies that they were never supposed to be in the audience for, like someone tricked them into or something, and then they'll call it the most boring liberal bullshit they have ever seen.

By far and away the worst review system on the planet is the Apple Store. Apple likes to put on this front of having tighter controls and higher quality expectations over the whole store experience as compared to Google Play, but holy shit they do NOT.

Not only are most apps these days (especially the Asian sourced ones) accompanied by hundreds if not thousands of fake 5 star votes bought and paid for by the company releasing the app, but they take virtually no action whatsoever on things like stolen assets, stolen games, copyright theft (i.e. advertising an app with someone else's logo or whatever)

Ted Cruz really needs a better hobby.
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