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EvilHomer - 2015-06-24

She presents a good argument. However, she undermines her own message by repeatedly using the word "deHUMANIZING" to describe what she believes to be the negative consequences of using the word "crazy". De-HUMAN-izing!!! The word "dehumanizing" is incredibly speciesist and marginalizes the experiences of non-humans; given the fact that she's talking about otherkin, or trans-speciesed non-humans, it is likely the most inappropriate word she could ever possibly use.

Uhhh, yes. They are Otherkin. They WANT to be deHUMANized. That is the whole point.

jangbones - 2015-06-24

I can not absorb a single word she is saying because of her voice, sing-song delivery, and STOP FUCKING MOVING YOUR HEAD LIKE THAT

chumbucket - 2015-06-25

I'm lost in what this is supposed to be telling me. I would have expected this to be voiced over an animated whiteboard video.
Oh and she says "airquotes".

Old_Zircon - 2015-06-24

If you ever want to have a lively conversation, bring up the Social Sciences when you're hanging out with an ACTUAL scientist.

Anthropology is OK, though.

pressed peanut sweepings - 2015-06-24

Physical anthropology and archaeology, at any rate. I'm not so sure about cultural anthropology.

That guy - 2015-06-24

The social sciences are completely different depending on methodologies. They just get called the same subject at different universities for some reason. Someone could have a PhD in one and be full of information or shit.
Usually bet on shit.

kingarthur - 2015-06-24

As someone who was once working on a doctorate in psychology, it depends on the school and the students.

Psychology, thanks to the APA, has thankfully started to move (as of a decade ago) into the realm of more brain science and away from allowing chakras and shamans into the practice.

Sociology is a science as well, as it's studying social dynamics via statistical analysis and normalizing based on statistical evidence.

You can't hook a living organism's brain up to a chemical monitor at every step of a process in a clinical lab and expect to get a real measure of normalized behavior.

The major gripe you get coming from the physical sciences is that they don't understand any sociological or psychological discipline that doesn't involve a tangible substance they can poke with a pipette. My girlfriend's a chemist and we have this argument regularly.

kingarthur - 2015-06-24

I should also point out that sociology is NOT the same as social justice or the popular conception of what social justice seems to be in this day and age.

kingarthur - 2015-06-24

Psychologically and sociologically, at least in real scientific terms, you would describe "otherkin" as engaging in collective fantasy as a way of escaping from something they can't deal with, probably life.

That guy - 2015-06-25

I retract my "usually bet on shit".

ashtar. - 2015-06-24

The problem with otherkin is that they're *not* crazy. They're deluded because they choose to be.

The Mothership - 2015-06-24

You lost me at hashtag and tumblr, honey.

5 stars for introducing me to the term 'neurodivergent people'.

Now THAT's crazy.

Waugh - 2015-06-24

come, armageddon

Waugh - 2015-06-24

yes i think the portal of evil diaspora are the perfect arbiters on the subject of ableism, and it's totally not gross or pathetic for what has to be a grown man to pick out a twenty-year-old girl's vlog and condescend to it

FABIO - 2015-06-24

Leave Britney alone!

Nominal - 2015-06-25

Time to take down all the roof jump wrestling videos, guys. Making fun of teenagers is NOT COOL!

Waugh - 2015-06-25

if you're going to argue by analogy, at least try not being completely shit at it

CIWB - 2015-06-25

Isn't ableism just about recognizing and avoiding discrimination against disabled people? What does it have to do with otherkin?

Is it because she's fucking retarded?

Potrod - 2015-06-25

Of all the reasons to hold poetv in contempt, I would not have guessed this would have been waugh's.

Ugh - 2015-06-24

my true, otherkin self is edward norton's character in the score, im glad people are finally willing to accept that

Nominal - 2015-06-25

Why Otherkinism is rooted in social ineptitude.

Nikon - 2015-06-25

Oh, she's on tumblr. That explains a lot. That place is a melting pot of crazy.

Hailey2006 - 2015-06-25

Luna Lovegood?

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