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Category:Horror, Video Games
Tags:sex, Robot, nyt, cumming towards the singularity
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Comment count is 12
The Mothership

I hate it when they scream like that.
Oscar Wildcat
I love you, wire monkey mom! I yearn for your chicken wire and carpet remnant embrace...
Why would you give it a Judi Dench voice?
Because Judy Dench is a naughty girl.

http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01786/1968-cabaret _1786777i.jpg

Considering that the current, non-robotic Real Dolls cost just under 00, I assume these will cost as much as a semi-luxury sedan.

I wonder how bored with life one has to be to dish out that kind of cash on a glorified fleshlight.
Come on, nerds, market to the South. I want the Pearl Forrester model with a 400 big block bored 40 over and glass packs. Make it a stick with a five speed tranny and a 5000W stereo.
That guy
human know how > human know why not
The part where he talks about how sex is simple math goes a long way toward explaining why he got in to making sex dolls to begin with.
They are terrifying.
Can't sleep now - sex robots will kill me.
I cant fathom how dehuminizing it must be to work in that factory.
About the same as working in any other factory.

Now stop looking tired, it lowers your assembly numbers by 1.3%

Cherry 2000 will soon be reality.
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