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Desc:Bouncers, masters of physycal, mental and spiritual.
Category:Sports, Nature & Places
Tags:india, Roachbud is a bouncer, bouncers, Retrograde worldview, Night Clubs
Submitted:Born in the RSR
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Comment count is 15
Tag Roachbud on this or get the fuck off the site. Never forget.
I heard Roachbud was a bouncer

Wasn't Roachbud one of those great big fat-guy bouncers, though? These all look like the buff, muscular breed.

Still, it's awesome that there's a real-life bouncer college, populated with clean-living CM Punks.

The ironic thing about Roachbud is that people acted unruly so he left. I don't think he was a bouncer at all.

When the bouncer becomes the bounced.

It looks like he's banned. Perhaps the bouncer was himself bounced.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I miss Roachbud. He was truly our much smellier, uglier, and less friendly Princess Di.

infinite zest
A whole bunch of old school poe users got banned from here sometime around 2009. I still don't know why. From one bouncer to another, I miss ya Roach!

Heard Roachbud left philly for a little place outside Kansas City. Heard it said it's a pretty fucked up place. Lotta guys don't make it out alive. I don't know... I don't think we have to worry bout' Roachbud. Let's just say... [third trimester pregnant pause] The man can take care of himself.

Whoah, he was a bouncer here in Philly? I wish I would have known that sooner.

For a wrestler he cuts pretty shit promos

Bouncer U
Rodents of Unusual Size
Bouncer Upanishads?

Roadhouse is definitely an Upanishad.

Being called a cocksucker isn't personal?

No. It's two nouns combined to elicit a prescribed response.

What if somebody calls my mama a whore?

Is she?

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