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Boomer The Dog - 2015-08-12

Whoof, edited too hard there, but decent info and good to hear Gary's views.

I've known several people who have had traumatic brain injuries, (TBI), and talk about angels, religion, spiritual topics a lot when something comes up and triggers it. They've even done his close, angels being all around, UFOs and it's all good. I wonder if they really have seen something.


EvilHomer - 2015-08-12

Hey Boomer, this is an unrelated comment, but I did a quick sketch at work this morning. It is a draft of my dog character; I have given him a Rainbow Dash colour scheme, and am thinking of perhaps adding wings (would that be excessive and overly "yoonique"?). I was not going to upload it, but I saw you were online today, so in case you'd like to see my latest dog drawing here it is:


Boomer The Dog - 2015-08-13

I just saw some from new Gwar on a live rock late night TV show we have here called Promo West Live, it was 2 minutes at the end several weeks ago, but good to see.

I've seen winged Dogs before, I think it was Fleetwood Mac that had a flying Dog tour theme, in the 1990s. Their Dog was a regular 4-legger and not anthro. Maybe you could do a pencil sketch and see if you can get the look right, and I do know what you mean about too many extras in a picture, like having ears, horns, hair and maybe a ponytail all on one head or something. I'm sure some artists and their viewers love it when it looks good.

I like your Dog, the aqua color is pleasing. I'd probably tilt the collar down some in the front to make the mouth and jowl area look less busy. I always like your pictures for their depth. I sketch with Ric at the coffee shop, and my pictures are pretty flat.

Here's a sketch I did at coffee that's more than a doodle or just a face.



EvilHomer - 2015-08-13

Yeah, my first draft had rainbow-colored mohawk, and it didn't look so good. Also, I was worried that maybe the rainbow-colored mohawk would give people the wrong idea - it would be a Rainbow Dash reference, not a gay thing!

I really like your dog art; the fur, in particular, is very detailed. Reminds me of a little of Albrecht Durer and even "Where the Wild Things Are"! It's a very nice expression, too - you have a very tranquil and wise look about you, like a dog considering a ball to chase, or a delicious bone.

I'm glad to hear that GWAR's still doing their thing on live TV. With any luck, they'll turn into a cultural fixture, like the commedia dell'arte or Punch & Judy shows; centuries from now, perhaps there will still be performers dressing in GWAR costumes, performing traditional 20th-century metal music?

Boomer The Dog - 2015-08-13

I liked the pleasant expression happened on that picture too. I mostly don't know what I'm going to draw when I start, and it kind of turns into something as I noodle it out. I did want to do some kind of anthro on that one.

I don't draw as much these days, but do a lot of photo morphing on computer with existing pictures. I like Where The Wild Things Are, and even saw the live action movie a few years ago. I do like the details in fur patterns and the way fur or hair lays on a creature.. I'll look up Durer's work too.

I found the Promowest video with Gwar. I'm listening to it now, and Gwar is briefly shown in the intro, and is last up, 18:30. You'll probably like host Abby, she has purple hair, she might look good to a Pony fan.. :)


Main site:

Ric Sheepdog is also a big Gwar fan, he got me to like them more with us hearing their albums on car trips. Gwar's also in the Fans And Freaks movie that covers Furries too.

Furries should make an all costumed metal band too, and Furdourous would have his 'Sheath of Chitulou!' Someone would have to be a Pit Bull in that band. It's probably going to happen someday.


Two Jar Slave - 2015-08-12

Did the Big Buse die recently?

yogarfield - 2015-08-12

I am shocked that anybody gave Noory a tv show, what with his looking like the King of Pedophilia.

Coast to Coast rant:

Art Bell was a vastly superior host. You could call Noory and claim to be an E.T. werewolf with AIDS that has just found a portal to hell under your bed, and George would just nod and play along. Art would let you keep on, but also call you a moron.

Also Noory never accidentally super-glued his lips together on air. Nor did he step out of his trailer for a smoke during a commercial break, forgetting that the porch was being rebuilt and break a few ribs in the ensuing fall.

Void 71 - 2015-08-12

Conspiracy radio was all-around awesome in the '90s. Art Bell, Jeff Rense, and Bill Cooper covered similar material, but they each had their own way of doing it. I can still remember listening to Bill Cooper's rant about Alex Jones and Y2K paranoia in general. It was glorious.

Rodents of Unusual Size - 2015-08-12

The chicken biscuit bowl is almost too good to be from this plain of existence!

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