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Tags:boobs, drugs, naked, nudity, Promise
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Comment count is 13
Naturally, she wouldn't leave without her phone.
infinite zest
Not Safe For Going To Work Either.
Oscar Wildcat
Dear Penthouse:

I was driving to work monday morning, when all of a sudden...
John Holmes Motherfucker
From a distance, she's fairly attractive. Then you get a look at her eyes, and it's... hey, I gotta be somewhere!
obligatory "mom?!" joke.
infinite zest
It's funny, because "boobs, drugs, naked, nudity, Promise" are 5 out of "The Six Things I couldn't do without" on my OKcupid! Thanks tags!
The Mothership
YOU WANT THE ADDRESS!? remixes in 3..2..
There are currently over 450 synthetic drugs manufactured in China that are being consumed in America and we hardly understand what any of them do.
At least we know what this one does.

So what you're saying is China : USA :: CIA : Black People


Hey, gurl.
Every time I see one of those Pure Michigan billboards from now on, I'll think of this.
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