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Desc:Feminist Lutheran church in San Francisco
Category:Religious, Nature & Places
Tags:San Francisco, hippies, feminism, Children of the Corn, herchurch
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Comment count is 14
I never quite understand people that basically make up their own religion, but somehow still try and take it seriously.

Also, worshiping the "divine feminine" just perpetuates gender binaries.
That guy
I like how 0 looks like a hole and 1 looks like a wiener.

But if no one ever made up their own religion and then took it seriously, where would religion come from?

Does The African Orthodox Church Of The St. John Coltrane still operate in San Fran? They were fun.
They are and I submitted two pieces about them to the hopper.

Is there already a Children Of The Corn tag that need activation?

Rodents of Unusual Size
The feminine divine, brought to you by a bull dyke trying to look like a dude.

I know this comment is misogynistic, but my religion forbids me from passing up a low blow.
Mine too.

Just grow the fuck up, already. The religion was invented by men seeking to control other people, most especially women.

Just fucking admit it, have some dignity and intellectual honesty, and just abandon the pretense of this being some kind of enlightened Christianity.
Sudan no1
I think another part of growing up is realizing people will believe in weird illogical things, and as long as it's not hurting anyone you just waste energy getting mad about it.

I've actually been to this church because I used to work nearby (nice neighborhood). It's a little more depressing and musty than the average place of worship I didn't see any evidence of man hating or castration devices, so I'm relatively sure they're not hurting anyone.

Gonna go out on a limb and say very little changed for women between pre and proto Christianity.

I've got a healthy skepticism when it comes to evolutionary psychology, but if religion isn't an evolved function of the human I'll eat my hat.

And don't give me atheism, the atheists I've encountered, at least, are every bit as religious as anyone, they just manifest it in individualistic, atheistic forms

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