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Desc:My blessings, I'm counting them.
Category:Educational, Stunts
Tags:nepal, Trishuli River, upper body cardio
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Comment count is 7
I'm trying to imagine what it would be like for my wife to come home from grocery shopping and say in an offhand manner "So it looks like I lost one of my fingers today. Hurts like a bitch, too."

My imagination fails me.
infinite zest
Wouldn't it make more sense to put together some long slabs of wood across the river that work like a sort of balancing board right over the river and then lower the cables? Seems like that would decrease the pressure on the hands by about half.

infinite zest
But yeah, when I lived in Milwaukee my wife would do the grocery shopping because I had to work until after they closed, and the only grocery store nearby was across a bridge that separated the hipster neighborhood from meth/gang central, and if you're being chased or something there's really nowhere to go. Freaked me out every time she said she was picking up some groceries. :(

Chocolate Jesus
ty zest you always put up the Grade A USDA Twaddle I come here for

Mister Yuck
Zest is totally on topic. Milwaukee is absolutely full of cable bridges.

They've really got it all the line, these poor, fingerless people. Isn't there something ‎Philippe Petit can do to help?
Mister Yuck
Five people died six years ago. This is not especially dangerous. Nice calluses though.
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