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Desc:A freeform breast massage routine I've figured out for myself.
Category:Video Games, Arts
Tags:breasts, playstation, massage, chrischan
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Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Absolutely disgusting. I normally vote his videos through but the preload is worse than that that screwfly larva burring into that poor kids head we had on here years ago.
You're doing it wrong.

Don't worry, despite how the preload looks, it's totally PG rated. She's wearing pasties!

Totally disgusting

Oscar Wildcat
That's a shabby pair of tits, to be sure.

You guys are just jealous that she's got D-cups and you don't.

Oscar Wildcat
D though they may be, they are badly undercut by that triple X stomach.

It's a buddha belly, but look, for all we know, she could be pregnant. It's not nice to assume that a full-figured lady is fat.

Oscar Wildcat
Also: that hat totally makes him look like Maude. You do _not_ want to look like Maude. Ever.

Kinda makes you think.
No it doesn't. It drives all the thoughts out of my head burning and screaming.

Dr Robot
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Very appropriate sidebar links.

How did Chris ever get breasts, anyways? I haven't been keeping up on her (his?) backstory.

For that matter... what pronoun is Chris using nowadays?
Chris has always had oversized bosoms, on account of his weight. He began wearing sportsbras ("musclebras", as he called them) a few years before his full transition, a practice which marked the start of his TomGirl phase. As to why they're getting bigger: a few months ago and without consulting a doctor, Chris began rubbing blackmarket female hormones all over her body, three or four times a week. She also massages her breasts with vibrators nightly, believing that this will further increase her breast-size. She's filmed both of these things, and has them up on her YT channel if you're curious.

She uses female pronouns now.

The thing is, he seems a lot happier now. I'm good with that.

Jet Bin Fever
My suspicion is that it is a side effect either from an undiagnosed hormonal problem (IE: Testosterone deficiency/estrogen excess) or that he was put on some Tricyclic antidepressants when he was younger.
There are a lot of physiological and pharmaceutical causes for gynecomastia outside of just being fat. Fat does secrete estrogen though, so I'm sure it didn't help!

Sexy Duck Cop
Nothing Chris-Chan's body does is correct. It's like every cell in his body is trolling god. He's transcended all this LGBTQ-whatever bullshit and has evolved into a Lovecraftian cosmic horror that, through the magnitude of its own failure, can't even become Cthulu right.

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