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Desc:Brief look at a Japanese arcade complex with a Walled City theme
Category:General Station, Nature & Places
Tags:Japan, arcade, Kowloon Walled City
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Robin Kestrel
Dude, do not go into the glowing red portal that says "No Entry".
This would be almost like if Disney were to open up "Scrooge McDuck's Cabrini Green Fantasy Village" in the Magic Kingdom.
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Make sure you don't get rolled by some creep in an animal costume while waiting in line!

I love this.
That guy
Where is arcade? Does "arcade" mean something else there? What am I looking at here? Where is FAQ?
The arcade is further in; this is basically just the entrance hall, which is constructed to look like a street in Kowloon Walled City - a now-demolished neighbourhood of Hong Kong which, at it's height, boasted the densest population on Earth (33,000 people living in a 0.01 square mile area).

Here's an article on the arcade, with links to more info on the Walled City:


That guy

That guy
a lot

infinite zest
"Arcade" is pretty much any space with things like shops or restaurants, like the kind Walter Benjsmin wrote about. So a group of shops is a shopping mall and a group of videogames is a video arcade.

Finally another place to hold the Kumite.
I've long wanted to start my own MMA/ pro-wrestling promotion, with venues themed like this. In fact, I was even going to name it after Kumite!

Great minds think alike.

I'm fascinated by the walled city and this would be fun to visit. But... I can't shake the idea that the over-the-top dramatics are kind of driven by Japanese Xenophobia and arrogance. It's got the same feel to it as those TV specials you can see in Japan, where Japanese go to some slum in Africa and let the poor black kids crawl all over them. It's exploitation of misery, and I feel this is as well.
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