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Desc:Its name is Rachael.
Category:General Station
Tags:real doll, gordon griggs, my sexbots dont fight back, please dont be real
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Comment count is 6
Oh, Jesus... :(
Sorry, I was about to make a joke about Rachael looking a little young for him, but then I checked Gordon's Favorites playlists and it suddenly didn't feel as funny anymore.

I like Gordon a lot, but man, he needs to get out more.

(by which I mean, he's watching a lot of Dance Moms clips)

What dude aint allowed to get off?

I think this video is all their Wifi traffic so far this morning at McDonald's.
Every frame is an image from an Internet motivational poster you wont feel good about reading.

1:11 - DO NOT WANT (no one hears you when you're plastic)
2:30 - SLUMBER PARTIES (pillow fights are what we tell mommy happened)
2:33 - FEAR (not actually the only thing to fear)
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