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Desc:A film documenting Diamond Dallas Page's attempt to rehabilitate Jake the Snake.
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:drugs, pro wrestling, professional wrestling, jake the snake, Diamond Dallas Page
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gonna be watching this tonight, and holy shit did anyone else see the REVENANT VISAGE that is scott hall pulse almost subliminally through a single frame? was that a walker? man, razor ramon was my favorite...go figure...what is biocentrism trying to tell me?
I look forward to watching it too. We may have our disagreements, but we both can get behind Jake the Snake and his resurrection.

heck yeah man, i would love to livrstream it together or something

if someone would be willing to set up a group/livestream chat situation ala the drunken peasants or something (saying maybe we could turn it into an impromptu podcast) i would jump in with both feet, if anyone wants to call me out in person or the closest we can get to it i'd be all in

I just watched this the other day, it was magical.
MacGyver Style Bomb
DDP is a goddamn living saint.
I teared up during this movie. Not even ashamed to say that.
So did I there at the end. I had to excuse myself from a room full of bros.

I'm really glad he's okay.

The last video I saw of him was the horrifying one when it really looked like he was about to die. As somebody who used to drink heavily that hits pretty hard. That all too familiar 'low point' where everybody starts cutting you off in disgust. Which causes a cycle of increased feelings of alienation which leads to more drinking to try and numb it. You're stuck acting like a giant asshole and there's no amount of liquor that will numb you to this fact. Because you're self-aware of what you look like to others.
This was not a particularly good movie. Good for Jake for getting cleaned up (for now) and making it into the HOF though.
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