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Desc:NASA Juno Mission Trailer
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:monster, NASA, juno, jupiter
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I think this is cool. NASA should be working harder to market what they do to the tax payers. They need to make is sound exciting, like it's a big adventure. That's a better strategy for getting people to support funding.
Sanest Man Alive
It IS a big adventure! Hell, space is the last big adventure left to mankind!

Even if this probe crashes and vaporizes, or just gets slingshot out to the far end of never, it's gonna be a great mission.

That. Is fucking. Cool.
Now I'm sad there's no way to watch it live in IMAX 3D.
Sanest Man Alive
Jupiter was the one with the most talent, so I'm glad NASA's finally taking a closer look.
Seriously? Have you even *seen* Saturn's audition tape? He was able to do all that while maintaining his glorious ring system. All Jupiter could do was to play a ukulele & prevent said ukulele from being sucked into his red spot.

Far from impressive. Hell, even Uranus had a better act than that.

Yet another whale tear stain of regret on my rejection letter from JPL.
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