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Desc:Thanks to 91/93 inch hips 'Ultimate Pear' earns ,000 monthly.
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Stunts
Tags:fat, america, ssbbw, Bobbi-Jo Westley, Lard Bomb
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Comment count is 7
Desc should read "Thanks to 91 inches 'Ultimate Pear' earns less than minimum wage monthly."
Earns more than I do.

Good news then OZ...your ticket out of poverty is just a few pixels above this.

What a terrifying combination of medical issues. I know she's kinda making the best of it, but those noises she made while trying to climb the stairs were horrifying.
"I love salad, obviously. I could eat this all day."

*adds six ounces of ham & half-bottle of ranch*
Watching her was distressing, until:

A) I noticed that she WANTS to get bigger, and

B) She said "It may look like I'm eating a lot, but I'm not. Not for my size." NO. THAT IS NOT HOW CALORIC INTAKE WORKS. You eat for the size you want to be, modified a little (A LITTLE) for the excess fat that you're currently carrying. As long as "the size you want to be" is a healthy weight, then you'll be kinda hungry for awhile, but you'll shrink down to the proper weight. It's a lot of work, what with forcing yourself to exercise, and carefully monitoring what gets eaten, and all the other things you can & should do to lose weight in a healthy manner, but what you *don't* do is say that you are entitled to consume many calories because of your current obese size.

Grr. I'm not angry that she's fat; it happens to many of us. I'm currently fat right now. (Reducing my weight is my next major project, after I land a job.) But don't make lame excuses, lady.
Imagine the response of certain sectors of the FA community if this same video was made about someone who was anorexic and had ribs removed for the sake of furthering a modeling career.

Apparently harming yourself to meet unrealistic standards of beauty is OK if the unrealistic standards you're trying to meet don't enjoy mainstream popularity.
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