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Desc:skip this if you're a vegetarian or if your boss is one
Category:Advertisements, Horror
Tags:meat, cold steel, Midlife Crisis
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Comment count is 12
If these fatties can make such clean and precise cuts with that katana, then a true swordsman could likely use it to cut through plate armor.
Unless you control your tests with cutting data from proper European swords, this video tells you nothing.

Picard will always be the better captain!

Garcet, we're talking about swords not Star trek. Don't change the subject.

Love the cold steel guys, pure, unintentional entertainment of the best kind!
Stars for the fact that you know they tried to get thirteen turns on the noose holding the water jug and ran out of rope.

It's the little things for me...
Why the surf board?
During the Muromachi period Pacific island tribes often invaded Japan transversing the ocean via surfboard. They would use their boards as both transportation devises and as shields. A good samurai could cut through a surfboard.

Monkey Napoleon
Don't tell me you've never been attacked by surf ninjas.

Jesus, even the ballistic gel training dummy is fat.
this is some poor kid's Weekend Dad
Monkey Napoleon
I would 1000% rather have a dad who bashes and chops stuff with swords and various melee weapons on the weekends than a dad who just wants to mow the lawn and take a nap because he's tired from doing actual work all week.

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