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Desc:Erik talks about ads, both the offline and online kind, and writes erotic fanficiton.
Category:Humor, Advertisements
Tags:advertisements, Folgers, Internet Comment Etiquette, commentiquette, march to the beat of madison avenue you drones
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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John Holmes Motherfucker
As always, GENIUS!
Big Money Salvia is like the good things about h3h3 and MDE without all of the bad things (especially MDE, they really went off the rails last year and at this point I'm pretty sure Sam pulled a Danzig and started to believe his own act).

h3h3 just got too popular and are stuck in a bit of an unconditional support bubble now but they're still OK.

What's h3he?

That guy Ethan Klein who did bad comedy then got in to doing reaction videos and actually found his feet as a critic of prank, PUA and reaction videos for a while, and then got really big suddenly last year. His stuff shows up here sometimes, and some of it's solid.

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