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Category:General Station
Tags:Microsoft, , Internet, windows xp
Submitted:Scrotum H. Vainglorious
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Still more engaging than Tim Kaine
that's about how long my old Dell took to start up.
This somehow ended up in my related videos as well, perhaps from browsing POETV I guess.

Has anyone done some sort of study of how viewing POETV has communally assured that we end up with similar suggested videos as a whole?
I had to start subscribing to YouTube channels in self defense to skew the results back towards sanity.

I know about this "slowed down" thing, but I just want to mention that there's actually a shit load of stuff going on, but none of it is actually slowing down the sound. Whether you slow down a tape, a vinyl or the actual acoustical sound waves, there's always a drop in the pitch, as sound is vibration. If you slow down vibration, its frequency drops and with sound, that always means a lower pitch.

Basically this is just chopping up the sound, playing the same parts multiple times and applying a reverb and maybe other effects. It's magical.
yeah it should say "stretched out", not "slowed down"

and it can make bruno mars sound like my bloody valentine backed up with angel choirs

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
You autists ruin everything.

The Internet would be nothing without classical aut.

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