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misterbuns - 2016-09-26

If you think this is interesting read about it.This video is insufferable and doesnt contain anything that isn't available from a search engine.

SolRo - 2016-09-26

wiki didn't mention spog fights!

decoy - 2016-09-26

I'm fascinated by how contested this submission was. LLAP

chumbucket - 2016-09-26

Star Wars, one star.

Maggot Brain - 2016-09-26

Recently I've been wondering if the prequel movies were made before A New Hope in the late 60's.

Crowbot - 2016-09-26

I recommend reading Dark Horse's graphic novel of the original script for the first movie, "The Star Wars." It explains how vital other people telling George not to do something were. Lightsaber-wielding Stormtroopers riding dinosaurs, Swamp Thing as Han Solo, and (surprise) an annoying kid character. May the Force of others be with you.

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