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Desc:This lady films the sun everyday because it's a portal that allows demons and UFO's into our world.
Category:General Station, Religious
Tags:portal of evil, demons, nibiru, assface, GillyD48
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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I wish I'd seen this earlier today, I just got back from the record store a friend of mine owns and and we had a pretty long conversation about the Internet normalizing mental illness. This would have been a good example to bring to the table along with StalkedInBoston.
Oscar Wildcat
She's got our number...
Miss Henson's 6th grade class
Does the Orb know about this lady? Someone get Dr. Alex Patterson on the phone. She'd be great to sample over one of their darker tracks.
"revspikejonez16 hours ago
Back in the day, this wasn't a problem because you'd be locked away forever in an asylum where you belong. I can't believe people like you are allowed to wander free."

I think this is one of ours. Fucking lame shit.
"Started taking video of the SUN and chemtrails. One day, I caught strange clouds as the SUN was going down & 2 small very small UFO's near the SUN. Ever since then, I myself have been capturing on video some UFO activity, odd pictures in Sunrises and Sunsets. I see HELL. I can see the spirit realm above me, I'm aware of them, & because of that they send out a drone that will buzz me every time I try to take video of the sky or SUN.My spirit has been attacked and this is documented. You can hear it, & once it weakened me. This is deception & its coming. I see the Demons of the Air who are with these entities. Nibiru is part of Gods purpose, & I asked Jesus if I could help in anyway, thru his Mothers intercession & I received an answer, thats when things began to be presented to me. Research Our lady of LaSalette, Fatima, Garabandal, and Akita. This system is the warning/ chastisement. Las Sallette alone mentions the deceivers of the AIR. There are no good Aliens. Im aware of the Bible"
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