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Desc:Three friendly sparring matches. If you didn't know, Kyokushin is Japanese for beat-down.
Category:Educational, Sports
Tags:martial arts, Japan, kung fu, Karate, China
Submitted:Killer Joe
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Comment count is 8
What? Drunken boxing actually doesn't work in real life? You've betrayed me, Jackie Chan.
Maybe if they didn't have slow, weak retards doing the drunken boxing...
Kung Fu sucks, sure, but these Kung Fu guys suck especially. I demand a Karate vs Judo video.
I wanna see Ninjitsu vs. Capoiera
No wonder he lost; prancing around expending energy while other guy focuses & waits to kick his ass.
Kyokushin allows full contact, which means it's not totally useless
Having a beefy guy beat up the skinny dorks doesn't count as a win in my book.
Spastic Avenger
Nationalistic Japanese propaganda for a martial art obtained from a people that don't even consider themselves Japanese.
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