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Desc:Hats off to India.
Category:Science & Technology, Nature & Places
Tags:Space, satellites, ISRO
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The Mothership
I thought for a moment that this 104 satellite was some sort of identification number, but no, India launched one hundred and four fucking satellites with one fucking rocket.

They're tiny, nano-satellites they call them.

Also, a way to tell the rest of the world, "this orbital altitude is hazardous for the next decade".

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Still a shithole of a country.
Yay, highly disposable space trash
Your satellite is infected with a wirus and that is why we are calling you sir. If you could go to the computer with your Ku band satellite uplink please and find the button that says see-tee-are-ell please sir.
Maggot Brain
What's is called when space junk breaks up but never falls from orbit, basically turning into sand paper in space? What ever it's called I'm sure they don't have a word in Hindi.
Its called Kessler Syndrome and the odds are pretty good that we'll see what its going to be like sometime around 2050. It's going to be a huge goddamn bummer to have all that sweet ass Space X spaceship tech only for it to be permanently grounded.

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