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Desc:Ever listen to Ruby?
Category:General Station
Tags:Adam Carolla, norm macdonald, kenny rogers
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Comment count is 9
+15 for Norm, -11 for Adam Carolla.
infinite zest
I liked the way he'd vulgarize Dr. Drew's diagnoses and such on Love Line; actually I'm pretty sure that's where all of my sexual education came from. -100,000 for Mr. Carolla's I'd-imagine-very-hairy chest periodically popping into my head amid coitus

I listened Adam's interview with Howard Stern. Not only is he not funny, he came across as a huge prick.

blue vein steel
"Not only paralyzed... bent!" Even Carolla cant override the Norm auto 5.
Binro the Heretic
Very bad MacDonald/Carolla ratio.

Barely enough MacDonald to tolerate the Carolla.
Man you touched *exactly* on my biggest curiosity of Carolla. The better the guest, the more Carolla talks over the guest. It's the strangest thing. I think he gets excited over the topic and the guest and just starts talking.

Binro the Heretic
He doesn't want to be shown up on his own show.

Bad interviewers don't realize that when you interview someone, you shouldn't be the focus, the guest should

Just looking at the picture, i'm picturing Norm thinking "Please don't touch me"
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