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Desc:If you kiss possums you WILL get bit in the face by possums.
Category:Pets & Animals, Stunts
Tags:opossum, possum, interspecies relations, what could possibly go wrong, Dusty Showers
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Comment count is 8
Possum week!
Such a friendly creature of God
Giant rabid hyper-rats.
Actually opossums are marsupials and are rarely rabies vectors. So, next time you see one shoot it a smile!

I am pro opossum, too.

leave the damn possum alone
He's a professional animal rescue worker and raising possum awareness to stop people from killing them seems to be one of his pet causes. In another video he admits that when a business called and had him remove a possum he drove back that night and released it back into its territory because it was harmless and they had no reason to evict it. He seems like a great guy, and his channel's worth a look. Especially the video where he talks about how an old lady who was a hoarder called him about rats and instead of charging her he assembled 20-30 volunteers to completely clean and organize her house for free AND cleared out the rats for free.

The videos of him crawling in to drainpipes to rescue baby ducks are good, too.

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