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Gmork - 2017-08-26

I was looking for something to read and over the years i've inherited lots of random peoples books. Move into a place, some guy didn't take his bookshelf with him.

In particular, the books I acquired from a residence I stayed at in Oakland seemed benign at first - I got a few laughs out of the fact he had actual L Ron Hubbard sci-fi novels(which I pissed on, let dry in the backyard, and then tossed into our firepit). He also had some books on the illuminati, freemasons, and a bunch of fucking Robert Heinlein novels.

I should have known better, but I picked up a random book that LOOKED like ordinary 70's-80's schlocky sci-fi... it was called The Probability Broach.

If you ever want to understand why everyone laughs at libertarians, read that book. It's the most absurd piece of garbage I've ever encountered.

I ended up re-reading the Black Company series.

smoothw - 2017-08-27

Har the probability broach, where like a three word change to the constitution leads to a super sf world with talking monkeys! My dad is still into all that nonsense, so I read some of that silliness at a young age.

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