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dairyqueenlatifah - 2018-06-11

Microsoft, Sony, and Ubisoft were the only conferences that were even mildly tolerable.

Bethesda and EA were awful.

Pillager - 2018-06-11

5 stars for how awful Bethesda has become.

SolRo - 2018-06-11

Calling it Bethesda is like calling a Borg by their original name

Meerkat - 2018-06-12

It was kind of a showcase for everything I don't want to play.

Xenocide - 2018-06-12

New Wolfenstein looks awesome. Everything else Bethesda had was yawn-inducing. Fallout doesn't need to go multiplayer and telling people "We will eventually make Elder Scrolls VI someday" is not going to surprise anyone.

Simillion - 2018-06-12

Skyrim: SE was fucking stupid shit and I hate that they even bothered to claim they were releasing a different game. It's got way less mods available than original Skyrim, and most of the best mods for Skyrim are broken in SE. Given that the original game is total fucking shit without mods, Skyrim SE therefore became total shit.

This is just a brief summary for why nerds hate Bethesda for those who don't know.

kingofthenothing - 2018-06-12

I gotta give 5 for this part.

The e3 was pretty bad. I was let down about Fallout.

Andrew W.K. performed and I just felt sorry for the guy. He was trying to pump people up for Rage 2, and there were so many stuck up nerds just squirming uncomfortably.

There was some poor bastard talking about Quake and Doom and all the stuff he and his team had been working on for years, and nobody gave a shit. He's all excited at first, to be talking about his passions and these projects that people have put all this hard work into, and everyone in the audience is looking at him like he's just stalling for time. You could pinpoint the exact moment his smile died.

There were a bunch of games - Doom 2, Wolfenstein Featuring Strong Female Leads Set In 1980, and a bunch of crap about VR and Nintendo Switch, because everything needs to be VR and Switch-compatible now because reasons.

There was some new crap called Star Field, with a 2 second-ish promo vidoe to show us that, yes, indeed, it probably is about space or some shit.

We also got a brief scenery flyover of (some place) and an assurance that they were working on Elder Scrolls 6: Unknown Title (release date TBD).

And there's Fallout Shelter but Elder Scrolls edition coming out soon.

Fallout 76 looked good - creepy WV lore, government secrets, big map - and then Todd drops that everyone you see in the game is going to be a real person. No people NPCs. Multiplayer probably means no VATS. So the basic Fallout experience has essentially been hollowed out.

I guess they'll make a lot of money from it, but it won't be from me.

Xenocide - 2018-06-12

Everything needs to be Switch compatible because publishers like it when lots of people buy their games.

Ugh - 2018-06-12

i never really thought i'd need to feel sympathy towards andrew wk, but there i was, almost angry at the audience for going dead fish on a man who just likes to party (party party)

even then, it was still not as awkward as the shakashuri blowdown at sony's event, but that whole thing was just bad/bizarre overall

either way i'm just here for the smash brothers reactions tomorrow, going to keep my eyes peeled for the inevitable death threats when ridley gets teased only to wind up as a trophy or stage hazard

boner - 2018-06-12

Got to capitalize on Switch now in case it’s the next Wii - where people bought one or two games and let it collect dust after that

StanleyPain - 2018-06-12

For those who haven't followed the drama, StarField is sort of an old joke with Bethesda. That they are now officially announcing it is weird, but basically it's supposedly a big space RPG that they have been working on for ages. It was supposedly first put into the embryonic stages of development back when, like, Oblivion was being developed. It was long thought to be quietly cancelled (Bethesda never confirms cancellations, though it's clear they do stop making games, like Prey 2 or the PSP version of Oblivion), but rumors keep popping up they are still working on it. I guess them saying "yeah it's still here" means it's either close-ish to being released or just another dumb tease/half joke to troll the people who have been bringing up StarField for years. Given that the trailer shows nothing that could be made by a couple interns in a few days, I am going to assume StarField is still basically vaporware.

Xenocide - 2018-06-12

In a horifying twist, this is a real thing.

https://www.cnet.com/news/e3-2018-elder-scrolls-skyrim-alexa-b ethesda/

exy - 2018-06-12

So stoner Peele went on to direct competent movies and control-freak Key is just sitting around in his PJs, farting for whoever'll pay him to? They switched personas on me.

Dang, this was tired. 5

boner - 2018-06-12

He has like 50 acting credits on IMDB since Key & Peele ended.

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