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Chancho - 2018-10-31

I don't approve of filming in the lodge.

cognitivedissonance - 2018-11-01

Due to the quirks of British privacy/property laws, the United Grand Lodge building is open to the public when lodge isn't currently in session. There's also multiple heinous laws on the books about being required to post membership to Scotland Yard, going back decades. From what I've heard, lodge membership among the police in the UK is almost mandatory if one intends on rising above a certain rank, so it's probably something they chose.

fedex - 2018-11-01

It's like the Housemartins got old and became Tories or something

That guy - 2018-11-02


BHWW - 2018-11-01

Footage from Freemason Luciferian Ritual EXPOSED!: Watch here! #SatanicRitual #masonicElite #spiritcooking #NewWorldOrder #BohemianGrove

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