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zatojones - 2007-05-30

The Russians have nothing on the Czechs when it comes to awesome stop motion animation

boba. - 2007-05-30

i think I saw this in my 1st year russian class in college

futurebot - 2007-05-30


Let them run awkwardly
Stepping over puddles,
The water will flow like a river.
And it's not clear to the passers-by
On this unbearable day
Why I'm so happy

I play the concertina
In view of the passers-by
It's a pity, that a birthday
Is only once a year.

Suddenly a wizard flies in
In a light blue helicopter
And shows a free movie.
He's stopping by for the birthday
And he'll probably live
Me a present of 500 Eskimo bars.

Mayberry Pancakes - 2007-05-30

Cheburashka makes me cry

futurebot - 2007-05-31

That part in the first episode where Gena writes "Molodoi krokodil hochyet zabyesti sebye druzei" is indisputably the most charmingly sad thing ever.

dead_cat - 2007-05-30

Very cute. What part was the propaganda?

Mayberry Pancakes - 2007-05-30

The Pioneers (the boys who go by)---Cheburashka talks about how he wants to join the Young Pioneers, and later in the episode they help them win their prize and Accomplish Good Things!

athodyd - 2007-05-30

The Czechs have nothing on the Russians when it comes to running Czechs over with tanks

Hummana Hummana Hummana - 2007-05-30


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