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Pillager - 2019-06-28

We'll see how long this link lasts.

exy - 2019-06-28

That's some uncanny valley shit right there. I know they were planning to WETA-up the quality, but I would've wished they were going for more of a hand-drawn look, something more faithful to the source material, if this hadn't been canned. Still, neat to know this almost happened.

MG has a cool RPG too, BTW.

Pillager - 2019-06-28

I bought the RPG for a friend & her two daughters.

"I KILL THE SKUNK!!!" is now a meme among our gaming circle.

Two Jar Slave - 2019-06-28

The RPG book has some of the best writing and presentation I've seen. It made my group willing to give the game a shot, which is a big achievement for any system.

Unfortunately, we couldn't really wrap our heads around the whole "GM's half of the session / players' half of the session" concept. I led the group through a decent intro adventure that ended with a battle against a salmon (really liked the closed-doors combat mechanic). Then I handed the reins over to the players for their half of the session, and... they had no idea what to do. Everyone agreed it was a good game, but not really for our group. I'd try it again someday if I got to be a player and the GM really understood the system and the world better than I do.

This cartoon looks pretty bad, but cartoons are for babies anyway.

Maggot Brain - 2019-06-28

Eh~I'm getting major "Strange Magic" vibes.

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