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The Mothership - 2020-09-19


Boomer The Dog - 2020-09-20

Beautiful technology.

I remember these ads, dancing down the street and the jingle. It must have been after their song Boogie Wonderland and around the time of 'Magnetic', to me, about magnetic tape. I'm sure I listened to Magnetic on my Panasonic RX-5100 boombox, which I still have, and it works well to this day.

The tape is watery sounding, FM has lots of intermodulation between stations, because I live in a high FM/TV signal area that overloads most radios on FM. It's never been great on FM, only okay. AM is the best, so I listen to talk shows and music, and do so every day. It's the monitor for my own AM radio station.

When the Platinum Series was out, that was the golden age of boomboxes, early to mid-1980s. From the first good ones, it took about ten years for them to become trash, by companies like RCA, and when every one had to have a CD player in it.


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