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exy - 2020-10-29

No surprises in here, but I liked the animation.

jangbones - 2020-10-31

one of the best Mitch McConnells I have ever seen

Adjuvant - 2020-10-29

Yeah, this was a great watch.

duck&cover - 2020-10-29

A real lying, cheating piece of shit in every aspect of his life. He's not even good at lying.

SolRo - 2020-10-29

Makes me wonder if trump likes golf only because it’s so easy to cheat at.

How sad is that.

fedex - 2020-10-30

So sad it's true

Two Jar Slave - 2020-10-30

Who makes the rules? Who enforces them? The so-called "rules" of golf are nothing but a naked exercise of power by a self-proclaimed authority, and they have been enforced by acts of violence against golfers' scores since the game was invented. We accept the rules of golf because we're told to. The authority is assumed by our collective belief in its inevitability until the framework of oppression becomes invisible to us, like the bars to Rilke's panther. We were told to accept the rules on threat of violence/exclusion, we accepted to be penetrated by golfist propaganda, and can now no longer perceive alternative golf rules. This is to our own discredit. Donald Trump perceives and destabilizes the locus of golf-rules power. His flowerpot trophy illustrates the outer edges of the golfist framework; the backlash against his seven mulligans make explicit the authority's implied threats; his solo championships expose the authority's actual weakness to enforce its self-serving narrative. We should be thanking Trump for exposing the predatory, exclusionary rules of golf. We should be aligning ourselves with his efforts to destabilize the establishment. My friends, if Donald Trump's golf score can be whatever he wants, then so can mine, and so can yours.

yogarfield - 2020-10-31

You sound like Chomsky trying to negotiate a piece of solace after being forced to watch Dorf on Golf for 2 weeks.

Cena_mark - 2020-10-31

The right wingers who complain about millenials getting participation trophies vote for an adult who throws tantrums when not given golf trophies.

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