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Ugh - 2021-05-04

that's an intense amount of drama, wonder if they can hit a patron tier to exhume robert stack and have him narrate this video instead

Ugh - 2021-05-05

also they're broken 99% of the time because store managers don't want to pay labor hours to train minimum wage earners to learn any of the PM processes (and the fact that the fully trained cleaning process is around 4 hours if done thoroughly), and they don't want to pay the prices for seal kits if they can help it, and even then nobody is trained to keep an eye on things like glycol levels

i've done my fair share of cleaning on c602s if you can't tell

also a lot of the techs sent to fix these machines suck/don't give a shit and won't properly fix the issue until like the fourth call out

themilkshark - 2021-05-04


SolRo - 2021-05-05

I like how the main page preload is of Seth Meyers from a tiny snippet from the video.

There is no escape, Meyers haters!

ashtar. - 2021-05-06

For you.

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2021-05-05

I read that Wired article a couple of weeks ago. It focuses more on the "Kitch" hack, and it's interesting, but this is a great overview of how McDonald's has been helping Taylor fuck franchisees. The heart of it, for those who didn't make it to the end, is the secret "service menu", which provides necessary service information, but only to the company maintenance personnel. The owner is denied access. It's just shameless fuckery of the franchise holders by McDonald's.

To me, this is another example of how, the best of YouTube has gotten better than any traditional video content at capturing my attention. I was completely transfixed by every moment of this report.

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