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John Holmes Motherfucker - 2021-07-31

I submitted this because I like this guy, and I like his channel, and I thought some of you guys might also like this channel. If I picked this video in particular because it's not directly about religion, and I thought that was nice for a change. I'm not exactly an athiest, much as I am not exactly heterosexual. If you were ask me to ask me exactly what I AM, that's a little more ambiguous. In questions of dogma, epistemology, and the youtube videos thereof,I find that youtube atheists are usually more reasonable and agreeable than youtube believers, except when they are so very not. Somewhere in the archives of this site there's a comment from a different John Holmes Motherfucker, a dangerous rogue variant from another timeline, who thought that The Amazing Atheist was HILARIOUS!

Cena_mark - 2021-07-31

Nowadays there are tons of articles about the failures of the so called New Atheists. The movement started in the early 00s and their Islamophobia veered them towards far right politics. I loved ThunderF00t's videos, but his war against the feminists had him looking like a clown.
I've watched this guy's videos, he's pretty good.

exy - 2021-07-31

Remember, kids, (a)theism is a question of ontology, and (a)gnosticism is a question of epistemology. It's not a question of agnosticism being somewhere intermediate between theism and atheism, like all the playground theologians taught me for their census in elementary school; the two questions are orthogonal. So I for instance am both an atheist (because I haven't seen enough evidence to think a deity's existence is more likely than the simpler assumption of non-existence) and agnostic (because I can imagine that I could be wrong about it, and I suppose that I can't ever be compleeeetely sure that I'm right about it; see also "proofs that I'm not presently dreaming"). Put another way, I believe such knowledge would have to come from outside the system available to me, and that it won't ever come; yet the available information points pretty strongly to a particular conclusion.

Not that this has anything necessarily to do with JoHo's reluctance to come on out and embrace atheism. But just in case, come on in, the water's fine here in the agnostic atheist pool.

yogarfield - 2021-07-31

I was a youth pastor as a teenager, teaching classes in a Southern Baptist church, so renouncing my faith 20 years ago seemed an obvious conclusion.

Ever since, evangelical atheists have always come across as irksome gnats. None of them (Thunderfoot and the like) seem particularly smart or interesting, and are best described as mallrats of philosophical thought. No big shock that they veered into the lanes of sexism and racism.

Prosthetic_mind - 2021-07-31

this is a great article on it that I always bring up, even though at this point it's starting to get a bit old- https://thebaffler.com/latest/new-atheisms-idiot-heirs-nichols

John Holmes Motherfucker - 2021-08-01

I'm happy at my end of the pool. I've always said that there is one logical reason to believe in God, and that is because believing works for you. There is a caveat, which is if your belief is making you a terrible person toward others, it's not working for you. I don't like to call myself a Christian, because like everyone else, when someone tells me they're Christian, I cringe hard.

My faith, such as it is, is based on an intuition. The one part of the Bible that I have embraced is the teaching of Jesus in The Book of Matthew. For me, the ethic of forgiveness, withholding judgment, service, and loving one's enemies has turned out to be remarkably effective. If LOVE is the key to the world, some part of the world must be love-shaped, in order for that key to fit. That's mostly what I believe in, the key and the lock. It's a metaphor that I find useful.

The myth of Christianity is that God's son came to suffer a brutal death to save the world. That's arguably bad theology; it endorses human sacrifice. However, it's great as a myth. It speaks to the suffering, brutality and death we all must endure. It suggests that mortality is so important that God wanted a piece of it.

I reject the 90 per cent of religion that is political, that is designed to control people. Nothing is more godless than theocracy. If Jesus ever comes back, and if he's MY Jesus, the Jesus of Matthew, that's not the authoritarian strong man the Right dreams of. When everyone is forgiving and serving and loving each other, that's anarchy. In the words of Johnny Rotten: "Don't know what I want, but I know how to get it."

yogarfield - 2021-08-01

Eh, it's a common conflation to mistake religion for faith.

I still pray daily, knowing that my words aren't even going to fall on a set of deaf ears. It's pointless, but a man has to have a ritual.

exy - 2021-08-01

Jesus is the off-brand knockoff of Socrates. That's who I'll pray to in my foxhole.

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