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Desc:You think you know what you're in for, but maybe you don't!
Category:Pets & Animals, Stunts
Tags:dogs, pug, skydiving, coldplay, why is there coldplay
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Comment count is 7
Way too long, but-- who is the cameraman?
Another pug.

Would have been better with the original audio, even if it was all just rufflerufflemumbleWOOOOOOmumblerufflewindwindwindrufflemumble, since that's at least better than fucking Coldplay.
Not cool, my pug fell of the fucking bed and her brain swelled.
Don't take your fragile mutant dogs skydiving people.
Frank Rizzo
oh shut up whiners. Dogs have no clue whats going on all the time. All he's thinking is "oh, its really windy and loud".
Frank Rizzo
the music does suck however.

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