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Desc:Australian 60 Minutes segment featuring Randi doing what he does best.
Category:General Station
Tags:james randi, Doris Collins, cold reading, medium, psychic powers
Submitted:Hugo Gorilla
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Comment count is 6
I wouldn't call what Randi does in this clip "debunking" Doris Collins so much as "being mildly but understandably disgusted" by her.
Man, I want one of those "Randi: Charlatan" signs for my door, too.
"Hey kids, you wanna see a miracle of a religious nature?"
This report is pretty damn slanted in favor of Doris Collins, IMO. Randi comes off looking like an ass and a probable pedo.

Calamity Jon
"She looks more like the head of the Ladies' Lawn Bowl club."
"That old Israeli spoon-bender"
(Absolute silence when she claims no one has the authority to judge her)
And the bit where they end her performance with the one wild shot she gets right.

Well, okay! Thanks Australia!

Around about the time she begins to talk about the "burden" of being a psychic, I want to punch her in the face with an office building.

Anyway, James Randi is an American hero. I love this guy.
"The Grand Wizard of the neighborhood" means something else over here.
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