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Desc:What internet pornography looks like to the average Lifetime viewer. The whole movie's on YouTube.
Category:Classic Movies, Advertisements
Tags:Addiction, lifetime, virgin vaginas, Jeremy Sumpter
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Comment count is 13
Wow, now I know I've seen this movie WAY too much, because all of those scenes were obviously alternate takes.

How come Bondage Monica didn't make it into the final cut?
Had it been a work of satire, Cyber Seduction would have been a work of comical genius. As an actual Lifetime film it is still a font of LOL, if anything simply for the minute-long montage of zoomed-in body parts as Justin discovers his latent sexuality and the Garbage Day-esque sink headbashing.
Yes, the body-part montage was the highlight of the movie. "Oh no! He's a 16 year old boy looking at BREASTS, BUTTS and CROTCHES. Clearly something is seriously wrong with him!" And the 'tragic' music that plays makes it gold.

Caminante Nocturno
His parents were such dicks to him throughout the entire film.
Epic, seriously. There are entire states filled with people who think this is what the internet is.
Somebody with auto-approval really needs to submit this movie.
This has opened my eyes to the shocking fact that teenage boys like boobies.
Yes, that's exactly what I wanted to hear. I wonder if this movie could help me with the fact that I like pornography.
Oh Kelly Lynch. From Road House to this.
Jeremy Sumpter? He sure did.

Pie Boy
Peter Pan is a porn addict now?
that shit gets those middle aged housewife viewers so hot!
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