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Aernaroth2 - 2007-09-11

Im glad the singer realizes the concept is insane, seeing as most of the characters he talks about are animals, which, according to the bible, have no souls. And elmer fudd married a dude once, so I imagine his stance on gay marriage wouldn't make him too popular with the fundies either.

dead_cat - 2007-09-12

If the guy knew this was retarded, why would he waste time on it?

revdrew - 2007-09-12

Why does so many Christian "rock" songs sound just like "That's just the way it is"?

bang to buck ratio - 2007-09-12


Killer Joe - 2007-09-12


Billings - 2007-09-12

I don't want to talk about this

x - 2007-09-12

What he said.

KnowFuture - 2007-09-12

A cornucopia of blatant, roughshod copyright infringement and Christian love!

Emcee - 2007-09-12

Beavis and Butthead, damned for eternity.

coprolalia - 2007-09-12

"Naahhh!" You can light all the fires you like IN HELL, Beavis!

Corman's Inferno - 2007-09-12

"Beavis and... that other guy..." HAW!

dead_cat - 2007-09-13


Granuaile - 2007-09-13



themilkshark - 2008-01-27

I was singing this at work, but with the lyrics "What if cartoons got laid?"

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