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Desc:The word 'retarded' gets thrown around about a lot of commercials these days...
Category:Video Games, Advertisements
Tags:Nintendo, NES, 80s, Famicom, Sunsoft
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Caminante Nocturno
I guess I owe that guy spazzing out over the enemies in Legend of Zelda an apology.
And anyway, those creatures from Ganon ARE pretty bad.

-1 because there were not enough fantasy zone II game play shots. i had this for the sega mastersystem and it ruled so hard.

and since i'm feeling nostalgic, here are the other games i liked for mastersystem: space harrier, outrun, wonderboy, reggie jackson's baseball, zillion II tri-formation, zaxxon 3d, and afterburner.
Jeff Fries
Imagine what their Zima commercials are like
So was this some kind of horrible celebrity endorsement?
Menudo con queso
Reason #493 that I'm not employed by a TV network: because I would give this guy his own show immediately after watching this.
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