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Desc:balding nerd shows them haters wtf is up
Category:Humor, Sports
Tags:train, read it and weep, haters, goronchev, vitriol
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Comment count is 93
I could beat this guy with one hand, but two would be more fun because he would bleed more. He is a cunt, but I appreciate the evilness of this video.
It must be exhausting being so aggro.

nah, don't you know Roachbud is a black man (a REAL black man not no Uncle Tom Oreo) so it just comes natural.

I just know I can handle myself against that bitch since I've been bouncing for two years know and been through worse

Well, at least this has given you an opportunity to meet your daily "I'm a bouncer." comment quota.


I'm a bouncer

Midnight Man
I'm a bouncer too.

shit man, i'm a bouncer too. maybe this should be portal of bouncers where we talk about bouncer related issues and watch related videos. :D

Frank Rizzo
good job roach. you're now on the same level as the douche in the video.


bouncers and closet homosexuals, yerning to "grapple" with drunk toughs. Its cool though, nothing wrong with being gay.

you know, i'm a bouncer, f16 fighter pilot, fireman, homicide detective, general, stunt man plus actor. and i'm damn good looking. i got a harem of men and women just to cover both angles, drive fancy italian sports cars, live in a mansion and bitch slap my parents when they tell me what to do. despite all this, i make time out of my day to come down here and tell you kids what's what. you're welcome!

Sorry I'm tougher than all you man bitches. Nice to see you came out from under your white sheet, Rizzo.

roach, if i sent you my address, would you please come down and show me that you've been telling the truth all this time by kicking my scrawny white faggot ass? i think that is the only way i'll ever believe you are over 12 years old. 739 chambers st. S. E. Olympia, WA. 98501. really, i want my ass kicked real bad.

I never said I wanted to kick your ass, just the guy in the video. He pisses me off and I know I could crush him. I'm not going to drive across the country to win an internet argument.

you know, you are getting better at these. you are not resorting to "suck ass juice with a straw" comments and such. i dare say, you just made a proper move just now. bravo, old sport.

now, can i come to you, because you are not a bouncer.

There's no way I can prove to you where I work. I am a bouncer in Adams Morgan in DC, where there are a bunch of bars, but I am not going to get more specific than that. I used to work at Gypsy Bar in Boston when I was in school. That place sucked because it was a high rollers place, now I am working at a more laid back establishment.

I am a bouncer and so is my wife!

This video is wonderful stardust...find the one where he talks about how he thinks pokemon villains are probably the worst villains in fiction.

I'm also a bouncer... AT A CLUB FOR BOUNCERS!

I teach Bouncing at Princeton.

Which, I should add, has placed first in a national survey of Bouncing programs for post-secondary institutions 13 of the past 15 years.

Eroticus E
What do you bench?

Frank Rizzo
bouncer in adams morgan? HAHAHAHAHA! OOOooOOO........

How do you "bounce" all those college kids there princess? Sprinkle your fairy dust on em and make em float away like angels?

I know bouncers that have gotten shot before there and there's a lot of brawls on that strip. It's not Southeast, but then who goes out there?

Frank Rizzo
you sure are trying real hard at convincing us that your hardcore. Or are you trying to convice yourself?

relax booster, you're going to run out of fairy dust soon.

Aelric, Frank Rizzo and Roachbud. I am going to kick all of your asses. At once. With both hands behind my back. Using the power of my mind. Because I am one tough telepathic. I am going to scan the shit out of the lot of you.

I'm not a bouncer, but I once had to tell some little kids at my nephew's birthday party that if they didn't simmer down then they'd have to leave, which meant that they wouldn't get any Carvel ice cream cake. They got the message.


I am a bouncer

Big deal faggots you all are pussies and pussy I could kick his ass and all of your asses because I'm a bouncer and I bounce for money and I'm so tough and ripped because I'm black and all black people are like "what bitch" and I'd kick his ass like seriously I'll sodomize his mother in front of his dad and say something anti-semitic while giving him the finger and his mom would have a swastika on her ass and I'd be like "Fuck you kike!"

I'm a bouncer for real.

I'm a ninja bouncer, ON FIRE! ALL THE TIME!


I am a bouncer

Rodents of Unusual Size
I punched a bouncer in the face once. Just to make him cry! He wept like Urkel at the unemployment line.

Princess v2.1
A buddy of mine's a bouncer. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.

baleen is a bouncer.

I heard baleen is a bouncer.

I don't think you're bragging. Anyone can take a douche who wears his pants above his bellybutton. He's basically an old man.

I bounce like a motherfucking superball.

From now on I'm going to envision Roachbud's voice as being the kid in this video.

And both Roachbud and this video are gone now. COINCIDENCE?!

By far my favorite comment string on PoeTV

Pie Boy
That was completely ridiculous.

I professionally beat the shit out of bouncers to test their bouncing capabilities. When I'm not bouncing that is.

I'm a bouncer, he's a bouncer, she's a bouncer, we're a bouncer, wouldn't you like to be a bouncer too?

I'm a bouncing badass! Grrr!

He should focus on his chest a little more, and not pull his pants up like my grandpa. Otherwise this is hilarious.
For a tough guy he seems to care a lot about what people say about him on the internet
Hugo Gorilla
Male vanity is never impressive and almost always funny.
The male body is a thing of comedy.
The Man Who Cares
Caucazoid midwestern accents + hip hop slang = EPIC WIN.

Also, his voice reminds me of the hippie teacher on "Beavis and Butthead," mmmkay?
He is exactly like that bad guy from Orgazmo, who farts in his hand and tosses it in peoples faces.
Monchiles Monchiles
I knew he looked familiar.

Dummy Rum
His abs look like a pile of bread dough someone didn't knead enough, and for some reason he looks all hunched over to me.

I'd rather have my flabby weak body, thank you.
He sounds like Ulillillia.
"don't they have somethin' better to do?"
This guy is seriously going to beat somebody to death one day - just for making the wrong comment... which, coincidently, he has disabled on youtube.
He was probably once meek and timid. It's not normal for one person to get SO bent out of shape over insignificant comments on the net; and to be so hell-bent on having a KILLER BOD and to prove everybody wrong...

funny how working out won't make you less of a nerd, huh
don piano
no, it's not funny at all, actually

That's why I don't even try.

Angel Carver
I'd do him.
Ooooooh... that's what vitriol means!
Expand the vistas of your mind
Midnight Man
You'd think a body builder would have better posture.

Also did you notice that in his list of amazing skills he has that those VIRGIN NERD HATERS lack he includes "getting good at video games"?
You guys are children. Okay? Little children. Okay? You're children. Okay?

His body looks malformed or maybe he just has super bad posture. I wonder if he has every flavor of Axe body spray?

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
All the lifting in the world won't stop that hair line from receding, bud.
William Burns
That's some pretty understated roid-rage.
I, too, hope to one day get good at playing video games. Until then, I will have to settle for no chicks.
When people post, "you're fat" or "skinny nerd" or whatever, they're basically just saying they don't like you. It doesn't matter if you're really fat or skinny or not. They still won't like you even if you are the most beautiful person in the world.

This guy trains.

goronchev is just a jason todd without his batman.

This is my bawwww-dy....
Read it and weep virgins!
a flaming monkey
There's one where he talks about trying to get laid on MySpace (of all places): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgiclEJl_hE

I thought this user comment was quite apt:

StraightUpBitch (5 months ago)

"Now wait a minute,don't blow a gasket,but you seem to be sending mixed messages.First off,you are addressing guys and how they should be picking up dates(females),and ONLY a couple times speaking directly to the female viewers,with no fuckin shirt and talkin about your physique.
I believe you when you SAY you're wanting to get laid, but really,are you sure you want a girl... cause EVERYTHING else about you says different.
I'm not the B in that itch of yours,I'm just trying to help you out."
Submit that video or I'm going to.

Midnight Man
Definitely submit it. This guy could be our next reymon14.

Just reading the titles of his videos one can tell he is more closeted than a gay mormon in the navy.

'So many gay guys pose as girls on the net; busted one today!'

a flaming monkey
it has been submitted now

Ok, he really wouldn't look so bad if he stood up straight and didn't wear his pants around his nipples.

But the WHINE, dear god, the whine.....
Billy Buttsex
Dinky Patterson
All in front of an open closet.
Maggot Brain
That has to be the ugliest set of abs I have ever seen. It's like lopsided four pack.
Eroticus E
Fun Fact. This is him:

Ha! So even other bodybuilding 'tards think he's an arrogant prick.

Tough to be shunned by your own kind. This is a group of people who consider "Ps- I am a 21 year old female, 5'7 (only one inch shorter than you!) weigh 110 pounds, and have a 34 full C cup size. Natural red hair, nice ass... etc." to be a good, relevant post.

have the scientoligists got to him yet?

oh how i wonder.
Innocent Bystander
That's funny because something in his demeanor instantly reminds me of T. Cruise.

No pants are higher than mine!
Princess v2.1
!!! I knew he looked familiar, 4Chan has been after this douche for months


It is a shameful thing to know what goes on at 4chan for months at a time.

Princess v2.1
Says you!!!

I will scan the shit out of all of you
YO. Hello. Are his shorts hiked up or does he actually have the torso of a chimpanzee?

Anybody else notice how softly he's talking? I bet he's trying to avoid waking up his grandma in the next room.

omg does anyone else think he sounds like Bob Ross? so..calm and just wow..also pants pulled ALL the way up and Hunchback
"Read it and weep, you pieces of shit" will go down as one of the defining quotes of the youtube era.
Has this video truly been lost forever? : (

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