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Desc:I am a bouncer.
Category:Sports, Stunts
Tags:Bouncer, Street fight, Roachbud is a bouncer
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Comment count is 26
That's some nice bouncin' there!
Some of us are douchebags, for the record, I never touch women other than tapping them on the shoulder to get their attention. My boss is a kung fu master, but only teaches women because they get beat up too much.
Yes, it is an unfortunate problem in modern society. We should all ask ourselves this question: why do women get beat up so much?


Roachbug, you really should just keep your yap shut until this whole thing blows over. Or wait... don't...

By the way, as I am a four star blackbelt in Aikido (and a bouncer), I have to say that the way this bouncer dealt with this girl is ridiculous. He should have blasted her with chi until she flew across the street and then did a combination dropkick-chi ball down her throat until she exploded.

I find this amusing

Haha. Kung Fu! That must come in really handy when some drunken frat boy unleashes his chi in your bar.

Oh. I see a chi joke was already made. I apologize.

Midnight Man
It's always a good idea to have a chi hammer at the ready, waxeater.

Especially for bouncers like us.

The Kung Fu comes in real handy when he has to knock someone out twice his size or throw them out so they hit a sign post 8 feet from the door.

or like punch them so hard they hit the moon

The shit I described isn't that unbelievable when you consider he's being doing kung fu for 20-25 years, including a stint training in China. As for me, I am just large.

It also isn't unbelievable if you've been drinking Sterno out back since Noon.

He went to China after being humiliated by a kickboxer who pantsed him during a match.

Dr Dim
Ha, kung fu.

Does it bother you that the bartender makes more money, doesn't have to drag drunks around and doesn't even know a simple bow and arrow stance?


I know it's really weird when the butt of the joke is yourself on the internet.
It's funny because I'm telling the truth and none of you believe me, plus I have a healthy sense of humor and this shit is just straight hillarious


I am absolutely confident that you are telling the truth.
I guess it's just kind of funny to say something like "I know, I'm a bouncer. I know ass kicking things." know what i mean. know what I'm saying.

Hey Roach, you ever considered teaming up with theSnake? You guys would make an unstoppable pair, fighting crime, roughing up drunks, or whatever else you kung fu fighting tough guys do.

it's the giggling, really
I like the secondary fight, personally.

i am a scanner.
We should Scanner battle.

Dummy Rum
I just gotta respect his efficiency.
j lzrd / swift idiot

Also, what the hell is with this recent bouncer craze? Is this going to be the new Deposition week?
Rodents of Unusual Size
see the goronchev forum where he tells off the haters

K Clobber
Stupid cunts.
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