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Desc:the youtube submitter has over 300 of these
Category:Classic TV Clips, Advertisements
Tags:commercials, tv, 1984
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Yeah I was thinking about submitting some of this guys stuff a while ago. I guess he worked in the control room of this small station and he kept all the masters. It's a little obsessive and weird. I started watching a bunch of these and then realized that I was sitting at home watching lots of commercials by myself.
Syd Midnight
Somewhere I have a videotape of WWF from Knoxville, Tennessee local station in 1984. When I pulled it out we always ended up enjoying the commercials more than the show. I got to see Lou Reed shill Vespa scooters like a whore.

It's okay if you think of it as anthropological research. It's educational for kids too, any one of these could make me start rambling about the 80s like an old man.

TBQH I really don't know HOW to rate this video.
I'd give it 10 stars if I could. This is actually quite amazing to see these commercials in this kind of condition. An anthro researcher's dream.

I want to see a 'New Coke' commerical. I gotta see how that was pitched!

Jeff Fries

Somehow, I've ended up spending an hour of evening watching commercials from before I was even born.

Almost hypnotic.
There's hours, and hours, and hours of this stuff on You Tube. Local TV programming promos, classic commercials, HBO bumpers.. it boggles the mind.
a flaming monkey
Isn't it funny how commercials are so much more watchable after the product become obsolete???

I remember taping The Masters of the Universe in the late eighties, I'm going to find it and mine it for ads!!!

I love this kind of stuff too. It's a time capsule of stuff that was considered a nuisance at the time, but it brings up memories you didn't know you had.
Cap'n Profan!ty
I remember these commercials. I also remember at the time thinking that the girl in the yellow in the Combos commercial was a fine piece of ass. Given that I was 13, that meant a lot of fapping.
cheese your hunger away

She is a fine piece of ass.

Man, that Combos commercial sure was CHEESY! HAW!
How much was the ADAM computer?
From the Wiki article:

"Coleco announced the Adam in June 1983 at the Summer Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and executives predicted sales of 500,000 by Christmas 1983. From the time of the computer's introduction to the time of its shipment, the price increased, from USD 5 to 5."

Caminante Nocturno
It just dawned on me that most people would use time travel to just go back and watch what TV was like in the past.
Billy the Poet
The ADAM features a printer that's almost as good as a typewriter! Why, by 2020 I think the typewriter will be nearly obsolete.
Testicles of Doom
The Green Stamps commercials is definitely the headliner in this lineup.

The guy that did the voiceover for it, used to do tons of commercials in the 80s and a few in the early 90s. He did one for Sears where he sang "Come See the Softer Side of Sears" in the most irritating tone I've ever heard in all my life.
I always used to wonder how they got the Combos filling in there with a butter knife.
Adham Nu'man
American TV has become so ridculously commercial-like that TV ads are often more interesting than the programs themselves.
Schweppes is from fucking Germany! America is probably the only country in the world where you could market a product named 'Schweppes' as being British. Next: Jamaican Rum, the Taste of Ireland.
Not according to Wikipedia:

"In the late eighteenth century, Johann Jacob Schweppe, a Swiss watchmaker and amateur scientist, developed a process to manufacture carbonated mineral water. He founded the Schweppes Company in Geneva in 1783, but later moved to London to develop the business there."

Last I checked, neither Switzerland nor London is in Germany

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