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Desc:Jawsus calls for an end to Youtube pornographers
Category:General Station
Tags:gay, teeth, shizzle, Jawsus
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Comment count is 21
Such awesome, raw sexual confidence makes me feel like a small person.
"Get a life and stop jackin it!" Will he be saying that to himself in a couple of years?
He'll be masturbating too furiously to respond. Or reading Atlas Shrugged.

He'll be far too busy "jackin'" someone else while taking it up the ass from a shetland pony.

A PORN SITE?! I'm there!

I like how this kid makes videos of dogs licking their own cocks.
I'm pretty sure 7th graders have always thought and acted like this. They just have Youtube now. Therein lies the problem with Web 2.0
This is true. Though I like to think that when I was a 7th grader, I wouldn't have put my stupid views on the internet.

Five stars cause his voice sounds basically 100% how it should, based on his face.

Doctor Arcane
It's taking a huge amount of will power to prevent me from commenting with an ad for an orthodontist.

Frank Rizzo
Caminante Nocturno
I can't look at this kid's face. I just can't.
A Jumping Spider!
I don't watch the youtube things because they're embarassing as hell, but oh, how I love every single preloader image. Every single one.
Rodents of Unusual Size
I can't wait until this kid is in a dorm room and his roommates play this EVERY DAY.
Jeff Fries
Mary Martin and Edward G Robinson had a kid, see
-5 because he removed his video already.

+5 for the lamprey-face preloader image that will forever remain
Screw video, the kid removed his entire account.

Yeah... found out what happened: www.encyclopediadramatica.com/jawsus

Dinkin Flicka
The preload image makes this retard look like he's 1/4th of the way through a transformation into a Goomba

King of Balls
He has beautiful eyes.
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