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Desc:Kids play with their joysticks day in and day out. Jerking, back and forth.
Category:Trailers, Video Games
Tags:80s, pac-man, arcade, Joe Don Baker, sluts
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Comment count is 20
Why aren't all movies this movie?
The McK
"Totally Awesome Video Games!"

This is about due for a remake I think.
I just about did a spit take at that point.

The guy who plays "King Vidiot" (the punk), went on to play "Uncle Rico" in Napoleon Dynamite.
It was too short a moment for me to notice. Kudos to you. My initial reaction was "WTF!? Pee-wee??".

I just *have* to see that movie now.


I knew it! You're one of those kudos people.

Jeff Fries
Why do people keep calling Lazlo "Uncle Rico"? Because he'll show up in your bedroom late at night in his underwear?

Ahriman the Creepy Lurker
I don't know, I bet he does like to hang out in public bathrooms
Caminante Nocturno
This movie set the groundwork for The Wizard and Captain N.
Testicles of Doom
I was thinking this was PORKY'S meets THE WIZARD.

Zhou Fang
Thank You Greydon Clark!
How is Joe Don Baker not activated yet?
Innocent Bystander
He's still waiting for the activation code from his alien overlords.

I recognized the girl from Police Academy 3 or was it 4? Not that it matters.

This is what I'm talking about. More billion star submissions like this please.
They've only recently rediscovered how to make stupid awesome teen sex comedies like they made in the 80s.
You run a garbage dump in here....
I think we all know that Joysticks is the best videogame movie ever made. Based on the modern yet equally twisted concept of videogame culture in Stay Alive, I can only conclude that a Joysticks remake would be nothing short of epic.

I disagree. It would be a contrived parody of an 80's comedy that should be left alone in its perfection.

Wait a minute...that's not how you play Pac-Man.
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