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Desc:This was made for some reason
Category:General Station
Tags:dancing, midget, amy winehouse
Submitted:Sacred Cow
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Comment count is 21
no no no
counterpoint: yessssss

Kill it with fire.

Random humping gets +1 for hilarity.
A dancing gender-ambiguous midget humping furniture to an Amy Winehouse song with a really strained look on its face. If they do internet scavenger hunts in Hell, this clip is their holy grail.
¡Me encanta las drogas!
Operation Cornflakes
I know a certain video that's soon to be sent to everyone I know.
clearly you give the people you love only the best!

I couldn't get past the first three seconds of crawling.
I wish my sex pet was this beautiful
I'd feel safer banging the midget than La Winehouse.

me encantan las drogas tambien
Mayberry Pancakes
Best video description of any I've seen.
i wonder who the person behind the camera is
It takes no imagination at all to picture a drag queen Amy Winehouse. Hell, I'm surprised the real Amy Winehouse isn't one.

I don't think she's all that tall, so a midget Amy Winehouse isn't that much of a stretch.

A Latino Amy Winehouse? Why not.

So this creature is at least two generations further along in the mutation cycle than anyone could have possibly guessed.

Thatcher Pennywhistle
It's not a David Lynch film. These things actually happen.
I don't know what to believe anymore.
Persephone S. Tight
Yes yes yesssssssss! The resemblance is uncanny.
elm axo
It had already won, but the eggcarton ashtray tipped it over the edge for me
Goethe and ernie
"Remember the Goddess Bunny? Well, she's back... in Latina form!"
i was drinking a bottle of water throughout the whole thing, and i have to say this is the most spit-take-inducing one minute and eleven seconds i have ever experienced
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