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Desc:Crazy lady pretends to be a huge dong.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Nature & Places
Tags:penn, teller, bullshit, new age, culture appropriation
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Comment count is 16
Man, they'll let anyone into MIT these days. Also, "Latakawasay!"
Wait there's a crazy lady in Sedona? When did this happen?
I keep trying to tell people that Arizona is naturally horrible, and does things to people's brains to make them horrible--or else it draws horrible people there--but nobody believes me. Yeah yeah, two tenths of it are pretty. That's how they get you.
Arizona is a shit state, if you're in Arizona you may as well go to California or better yet, New Mexico.

Janusian Soul
I want to mime a giant dick.
I'd tap those vortex powers
Mister Yuck
Crazy bitch is right. There is more energy in Arizona. It's fucking hot there.
So Sedona is the Berkeley of Arizona?

Also, is it me or does the narration seem to get worse with every new episode?
Pie Boy
This was a great episode.

-1 because it goes waaaaay out of sync.
I'm going to open up a music store in Sedona that sells only theramins.
Caminante Nocturno
Not to sound arrogant, but I can mime a pretty good dong.
5 stars for thinking the thumbnail was Teller dressed as Howdy Doody.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Well there's something warped but I don't think it's a vortex.
Jeff Fries
Slide Rock is great, Penn & Teller are awful

just let aurora and mikela have their fucking vortex experience you raspy voiced dancer.
Ms. Vonscarlet
This crazy lady and the grandmother drum lady should get together and go on tour together.
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