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Desc:All you can do is pull yourself up by the bootstraps.
Category:Religious, Nature & Places
Tags:Public Access, christians, wasted years, enjoy god
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Comment count is 12
Well, this is certainly enough to convert me, in any case.
"bootstraps" is such a useful tag.
Is that Jim Traficant sans hair?
Poor Excuse
I take comfort that this tuneless song will never be stuck in my head.

Shit as I'm typing this I think it's trying to worm it's way in somehow.
Billy Buttsex
The people I REALLY like, the Mormons, have WAY more boring music, so this guy totally rocks to me. So this video wasn't insulting at all. So ha.


Let me think, it will have something to do with art. Perhaps you will submit a hippie at a war demonstration doing something stupid.
I am too complex for you to pigeon hole. You are easy.

Billy Buttsex
Eh, I wouldn't call it homophobia. It's kinda like when people don't like Islamic extremists, but they're okay with Islamic moderates. Would you call a person with an intolerance for Islamic extremism an Islamophobe? You can dislike certain aspects about a type of person while acknowledging that not all that belong within that bracket are equally offensive. Saying it's homophobia is a misuse of the term and I think it should be avoided.


Syd Midnight
Billy, get over it and rub dicks with Baleen. If you're not quite ready, we can rub dicks. A bit of spit as lube and it feels way better than jacking off. And after you come, we can cuddle and you'll explain to me what the hell you're on about here. Seriously.

I listened to the third verse, and it really got to me. I'm like birthed again? Is that--is that how you say it?
Comrade Admiral
I love how what he's pretending to strum on the acoustic has absolutely nothing to do with the melody being played in the horrible midi guitar arrangement.
"Boy I tell ya, that is a masterpiece," he says of his own song right after playing it.
Being wasted, I figured this was going to be a song about being wasted for years. Turns out this guy is as wasted as I am.
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