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Desc:How to fool your friends in 1987.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Stunts
Tags:penn, teller, vhs, jolt cola, 3 of clubs
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Minus twelve for the liters of smug oozing out of Penn and the lame trick. Plus fifteen point five for that kickass haircut.
I'm just enchanted by the Jolt Cola and the fact that not ever American had a VHS player in 1987.

One star. ONE STAR for cutting out the payoff, making the preceding nine minutes useless.
You're missing all the glorious late-eightiesness of this, man. The Jolt. The hair. THE HAIR!! As I watched it, I expected The Bangles to bust into the room and Margaret Thatcher to fly in on a trapeze.

+4 for timing the very first tracking line right when Penn says "this videotape"
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