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Desc:Toaster pancakes.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Advertisements
Tags:80s, pancakes, downyflake, waffles
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Comment count is 17
Those are the most plastic-looking waffles I've ever seen. Yum!
Those are the most plastic-looking people I've ever seen. Yum!

King of Balls
9.5/10 for geometric precision in the food product.
Preload image looks like the Exorcist girl.
Mother Lumper
If I'm not mistaken Downyflake sold/sells a variety of frozen waffle that's pre-buttered. Yes. Little gobs of imitation butter in each plasticine pocket, staying in place even during vertical immersion in a toaster.

Three lines of this shit and you're fucking there. Your dick is as useless as a wet eraser though.
The kid at the end is being thrown at least eight feet in the air by a stagehand below the camera, and by the look on his face he is fucking terrified.
Dinkin Flicka
This shit is obviously only for white people.
no human being wakes up like this, wrong market dudes
You do if it's out of a nightmare.

And you're a character in a movie.

..or a frozen waffle ad

Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Look, toaster pancakes / waffles / whatever are awesome.
The tragedy here is the name, "Downyflakes" what?
Jeez, Dad. Calm down.
Caminante Nocturno
Dad stuck his head out of the shower to smile at someone... But who?!

Caminante Nocturno
The first second made me expect that guy to be waking up to a horrible realization.
Downyflake as in a mentally unstable person with down syndrome? Now with extra chromosomes!
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