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Category:Arts, Video Games
Tags:drums, Mario 2, Vadrum, Rock Out
Submitted:Johnny Roastbeef
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Comment count is 17
This song and the other videogame soundtracks he has done sound so much better with real drums. It's unreal.
Billy Buttsex
Is he a hero? Or does this very talented man deserve a very talented wedgie?
That is one excessively large kit. I'm guessing he doesn't play gigs very often.

Probably a session drummer. Those guys tend to be amazing...and horribly under appreciated.

Rape Ape
Under-appreciated all the way to the bank.

Johnny Roastbeef
But what comment section would be complete without cries of fake?

And Then Explosions
I'd like to see this guy and Korean Drummer guy get together and produce some offspring. I don't care how it happens, as long as it happens.
The boss music at -1:35 or so... wow !
j lzrd / swift idiot
This man does what I wish I could do.
nice Neil Peart setup
I'm a bit suspicious of the perfectly even sound. Sounds like triggered samples to me.
Watch the video while you listen.... should clear that up for ya.

Rape Ape
Furthermore, it's a video of a guy playing drums with a song from a video game. . . Do you really want to get in a discussion about drum recording philosophies?

No sir, I do not

I'd give him five but he has roto-toms.

Rap Ape - Leave the Albini arguments out of this.
What's wrong with roto-toms? I wish more songs had roto-toms. I love the intro in Time by Pink Floyd.

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